Boost Productivity with Print Audit Managed Print Solutions

improve productivity

Most business leaders have heard that Print Audit's Managed Print Software can save companies big money off their current print spend. Depending on their usage, some organizations see reductions in the 30% to 40% or higher range.

While the savings are reason enough to implement Print Audit Managed Print Software, workplace productivity is also a core benefit.

Managed Print's Productivity Benefits

What's standing in the way of your company's productivity? An unmanaged print environment is often a significant source of workflow bottlenecks. Here's how to tell if a managed print strategy from Print Audit could give productivity a boost for your office.

1. An untrained employee is responsible for print management.

If you haven't engaged the services of a managed print provider, then someone within your organization is taking care of this for you. Since there's much more to managing a complicated print environment than meets the eye, you're leaving a lot of money on the table. Here's how:

  • Training: Your employee doesn't have the specialized training to uncover and address hidden costs.
  • Time: When your employee is putting out print-related fires, they're not performing core duties.
  • Costs: Managed print professionals know how to select the best equipment and supplies for your requirements. You won't overpay for features and supplies you don't need or miss out on those you do.

2. There's no proactive approach to printer maintenance.

A proactive approach to your equipment means less downtime, lower costs, and a staff that can access your devices when they need them.

3. Your IT team takes print-related helpdesk calls.

In some organizations, IT helpdesk calls are print-related as much as 25% to 50% of the time. Put your IT team back to work on your network by letting managed print experts take care of your printers.

To learn more about Print Audit's approach to your print infrastructure, contact us at BASE Technologies today.