The Benefits of a Multifunction Printer

What are the scanning capabilities, uses and benefits of a multifunction printer (MFP) AKA copier?


The scanning capability on a multifunction printer is one of the MFP’s most important features. The MFP scan feature allows multiple scan destinations, B/W or Color, file types and scan settings. The document feeder size and speed, MFP hard drive, whether a 200, 300, 400dpi, memory and the IT network connectivity plays an important role in scanning.

Many scan destinations - scan to email, scan to folder, scan routing, scan to FTP, scan to USB, scan to SharePoint, scan to google, scan to anywhere. Scan text, scan photo, Duplex, B/W or color, DPI resolution, PDF, JPEG, Tiff, OCR optical character recognition. Many options to meet your individual requirements.

Things to consider when deciding on scan settings. A color scan dpi is higher than a B/W scan, 200 dpi is slightly coarser than 300 dpi scan but the 300 dpi scan takes up more memory and is slower to transmit.

Another feature which creates greater document usefulness is scan via an optical character recognition (OCR) scan. OCR scan  converts a paper document into an editable Word or spreadsheet format, searchable file which saves time and money.

Document scanning benefits:

  • eliminate paper clutter and storage costs
  • Better organize and archive your documents
  • Enable fast, easy document retrieval
  • Protect against hard copy damage, fading and loss
  • Access documents anywhere, anytime
  • Speed document search and retrieval
  • Enable audit trails, security and controls
  • Eliminate document handling, shipping and faxing costs


Discuss your company’s document workflow with a MFP partner supplier and ask for their recommendation for improving document processing, security and cost savings.


Written by: Paul Lukaszewski

Posted on: 9/29/21