Are Your Files Secure?

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It's a serious mistake to think your company is not large enough to be the target of a cyber attack. Cybercriminals have discovered that a series of smash and grab thefts from small businesses can be just as lucrative as a major hit to a big corporation.

Is Your Company At Risk?

Data security threats to small businesses continue to rise. Here's what they're after:

  • Private client data that can be easily traded to their contacts in the black market.
  • Proprietary information outlining new projects and trade secrets, also a valuable commodity on the street.
  • Company financial information like bank account numbers and access to lines of credit.
  • Access to your network and files, which they can hold hostage until you agree to pay a hefty ransom.

Are Your Documents Vulnerable?

Keeping your networks and documents safe is a full-time job. Recognizing and addressing data security threats both externally and internally requires 24/7/365 diligence as well as the latest security protocols. Preventing attacks is always a better approach than trying to recover after a successful breach. Here are six tell-tale signs that something is amiss:

  1. An unusually high incidence of invalid password entries.
  2. Unusual changes in established permissions.
  3. Modifications to file and data access incidences.
  4. A large number of unusual error messages.
  5. Newly deleted and added users.
  6. User connectivity problems.

For many organizations, the resources for collecting this type of information are not available. When evaluating the office services, your business requires to succeed; data security needs to be a high priority. Establishing an office services partnership with a trusted vendor is the best way to make sure your company's data is safe.

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