Advanced Document Solutions for Healthcare Providers

doctor working at desk

Your healthcare facility faces challenges that are unique to your industry. Documentation plays a significant role in your processes, and current privacy regulations center around how healthcare providers handle and secure patient records. Advanced, technology-centered document solutions can facilitate your compliance goals, and they can also contribute considerably to patient care.

Addressing Your Challenges

Better control over your documents naturally means better control over your processes. Document solutions that provide increased security, improved access, and fewer printing requirements all work together to improve patient care. Here's a look.

Controlling Your Content

Paper-based, document-intensive processes generate massive amounts of paper. The more paper your organization requires, the more difficult it is to control protected health information or PHI. Document security solutions designed for the printing process keep PHI from falling into the wrong hands. Security software that works with your multifunction systems and laser printers can prevent unauthorized access. Your Managed Print Services provider can help you implement these solutions.

Streamlining Workflows

In a paper-based process, a patient visit triggers several paper-based responses. A staff member must locate the required patient record, then make a copy or deliver the original by hand to the required location. After the need is met, something must be done with the documents, and a decision is made to file immediately or place in a holding area until someone has time to follow through with the established procedure.

By switching to electronic document management solutions, healthcare workers can access digital patient records with a quick keyword inquiry. No printing or copying is involved, and storing the document is a one-step process on a computer or mobile device. Patient wait-time is significantly reduced, and there are no concerns about document security.

The modern healthcare facility requires the latest electronic document solutions to lower costs, control access, and improve patient care. To learn more, contact us at BASE Technologies today.