3 Ways to Save With Green Office Practices

go green

Going green in the office isn't just a trendy phase that will soon pass—going green is also a proven strategy for reducing costs and increasing operational efficiency.

The benefits of sustainable office practices are easy to substantiate. Smart business leaders already understand that, rather than an annoying distraction, green office policies are an effective way to slash operating costs and boost revenues. Here's what they've learned.

1. Going green saves money.

Those designer recycled notebooks at the mall may cost more than the run-of-the-mill variety, but green practices at the office are in a completely different category. Here's where going green can save your business some serious cash:

  • ENERGY STAR copiers and printers use less power and come fully equipped to begin saving your company energy—and money.
  • Built-in paper-saving features on your multifunction system, like automatic duplexing, can significantly lower your paper usage and your printing costs.
  • Digital document solutions that bypass paper in favor of electronic workflows reduces your company's dependency on costly, paper-heavy business processes.

2. Going green saves time.

How much time do your employees spend searching for documents in paper-based filing systems? If they're like the rest of the paper-dependent business world, you may be paying your staff for two hours out of every eight just to search for documents. Document solutions that replace paper-based processes can slash those hours to only a few minutes each day.

3. Going green saves your reputation.

Losing information (including private customer data) is a sure way to lose customer confidence forever. By going paperless in the office with electronic document solutions, you'll have the tools in place to secure your customers' confidential information.

Are you ready to save by going green? Contact us at BASE Technologies to find out how electronic document solutions can help your company prosper.