3 Ways Healthcare Facilities Can Mitigate Print Security Risks


While it's impossible to eliminate printing and the associated security vulnerabilities completely, there are steps the healthcare industry can take to mitigate their risks. Many of these begin with better management of the print environment and tighter controls on how much is being printed.

A Proactive Approach

By initially focusing on devices and print volume, your healthcare organization can begin solving print security problems, one issue at a time. Here's where to begin and how managed office services can help make it a reality.

1. Understanding Your Print Environment

Many healthcare facilities have lost track of their print devices, and no wonder. With copiers and printers scattered throughout the organization and perhaps many in storage or other holding patterns, it's difficult (but not impossible) to identify every device. Fortunately, managed print experts have the expertise to track down and evaluate every device that is (or can be) connected to your network.

2. Understanding Your Risk

Healthcare leaders may have no idea where their organization stands when it comes to print security. A comprehensive assessment of your vulnerabilities by a qualified office services provider is the best way to find out where your risks lie and what can be done to address them. It's critical to understand that this assessment is not a one-and-done situation—a thorough print security solution includes ongoing assessments as devices come and go throughout the facility.

3. Stemming the Tide

With managed print experts at the helm, your healthcare facility can stem the tide of unmanaged devices that enter your workflows. By preventing ad hoc device proliferation, you'll not only plug security leaks, but you'll also decrease print volumes and spending throughout your entire print environment.

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