Banks and other companies involved in finance need to manage information effectively in order to stay successful. If you’re using paper documents, you could face increasing storage costs and decreasing office space. Not only that, but you also risk losing information or having it stolen, which can affect your efficiency and bottom line and possibly have legal consequences as well.

How BASE Technologies Can Help

BASE Technologies in Stamford, Bridgeport, Hartford, and New Haven can help financial organizations keep their information organized and secure. On top of delivering error-free prints quickly and reliably, our multifunction printers enable you to capture your paper documents and capture them in a variety of formats. This reduces your reliance on physical storage and its related expenses.

In addition to these products, BASE Technologies’ Managed Print services help you fine-tune your printing solutions and document workflows. Rules-Based Printing allows you to control who accesses your copiers and information. Print Accountability enables you to monitor and manage your printing costs better.

Also, our Document Management solutions give you the ability to extract information from documents and set up smooth automatic workflows. You’ll also be able to protect sensitive information from theft and keep it backed up in case of disaster. In addition to Document Management, using IT Solutions from Base Technologies will also protect your information and network from viruses, cyber-criminals, and even natural disasters. 

To learn more about how BASE Technologies can help companies involved in banking or the financial sector, contact us through our Get Started page.