Back to the Future of Document Storage

Clocks Flying Through the Air

Organizations who are still chained to paper-based document solutions are fighting a losing battle. They are essentially trying to meet the challenges of 2017 and beyond with outdated solutions from the 20th-century. Why are we still doing that?

A Quick Look Back

A 1970s office manager with files to guard had a system that included locked filing cabinets, locked doors, security guards, and careful management of who had access to the keys. With few compliance mandates to uphold, business leaders made security decisions based on their own discretion and the requirements of their organization. While these systems were pretty good at keeping prowlers at bay, there was little to prevent insiders from whisking away sensitive information.

A Quick Look Forward

That 70s office manager would break out in a cold sweat if suddenly transported to the 21st-century. There is no way that manager could hope to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, FISMA, FERPA, and all the rest using a paper-based system.

As odd as it sounds, many organizations are still dependent on the same systems that would give our 20th-century business manager some major stress today. Here are two questions to ask to find out if your document solutions are up to date.

1. Are you storing archived paper documents in storage rooms, warehouses, or offsite storage facilities? It may seem like a daunting task, but you've got to get those paper documents stored using cloud-based document solutions as soon as possible. Compared to cleaning up the mess if they were lost, damaged, or stolen, scanning them into a document management solution is a piece of cake.

2. How well would your system fare in an audit situation? Worried much? Thankfully, help is at hand and you can begin moving forward today.

If you're ready to move from the 20th-century to the latest in secure electronic document solutions, contact us at BASE Technologies today!