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BYOD Smartphone Security Tips

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Most companies use smartphones for at least some aspect of their business processes. Whether it's basic person-to-person communications or access to documents via cloud repositories, it's hard to imagine a 21st-century business that doesn't use smartphone technology.

Save Time With a Document Management Solution

Whether we're at work or home if there's one thing we could change, it's the number of hours we have to accomplish our goals.

What if we told you there was a tool designed to help you gain more time? Of course, there will still be the same number of hours in a workday, but every business leader dreams of a solution to use those hours more efficiently.

Do You Need a Managed Print Solution?

An unmanaged print environment can be a drain on revenues, but most business leaders are unaware of the impact of print-related costs. Managed print assessments often reveal expenditures as high as 3% to 10% of total revenues. A managed print solution can bring these costs back in line and reduce them by as much as 30% for a print spend that's manageable.

Time for an Office Equipment Check-Up?

Are there tell-tale signs that something is a little off with your office equipment? Maybe monthly expenditures are higher than you'd like them to be, or downtimes are bringing your workflows to a standstill. A check-up can provide the answers.

Slow Network Impeding Your Progress?

Acquiring information used to be a time-consuming process. A trip to the library or bookstore was the starting point for everything from how to grow bigger tomatoes to identifying the source of the mysterious ticking sound under your car's hood. And next year's vacation? The journey began by writing to the chamber of commerce for a visitor's packet.

Taking a Holistic Approach to Your Document Solutions

hol-is-tic (adjective) to consider the whole of something, and not just a specific aspect Example: At BASE Technologies, we take pride in our holistic approach to improving our clients' processes.

Try Rules-Based Printing with Print Audit

Is your team comprised primarily of risk takers or rule followers? Bending the rules can be a good move when you're talking about innovation, but when it comes to your print environment, establishing rules is imperative if you want to survive the fiscal year in good standing.

Your Office Equipment and Data Security

You've no doubt heard about the uptick in print-related data leaks in the past year or so. Hackers have figured out that high-tech office equipment is a potential gold mine of sensitive information. In fact, 63% of companies admit they've been a recent victim.

Protect Confidential Information with Print Audit Secure

Did you know that employees admit to inadvertently viewing confidential documents at work on a regular basis? These aren't documents in open files on desks or computer screens. The sensitive documents your employees are seeing are those that somebody sent to a printer and then didn't arrive to pick up immediately, if at all.

Go Green With Digital Document Solutions

Many companies begin seeking digital document solutions to improve productivity and reduce costs. Document solutions that deliver digital strategies like Workflow Optimization and Cloud Services do both, and thanks to these and other advances, there's another benefit you may not have considered.

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